LWG is pleased to offer the LWG Trader Audit Protocol for the assessment of traders of part-processed and finished material. Version 3.0.1. became mandatory for all trader audits as of 1st June 2020. The complete protocol is currently only available to LWG Members when logged-in. If you are unsure of the appropriate route to membership for your type of trade, contact the LWG Administration Office.

Trader Protocol 3.0
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Version: 3.0.1

Published: 1st January 2020

Mandatory Use: 1st June 2020 


The latest edition is suitable for the following types of trader operation:

Types of Operation:

  • Traders who buy part-processed material and sell it on to customers in a part-processed state
  • Traders who buy finished material and sell it on to customers in a finished state

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Permanent warehouse facility where material is brought in before dispatch to customers
  • Ability to demonstrate physical and administrative separation of material that originates from LWG certified facilities and material from non-LWG certified facilities

You are NOT eligible if you:

  • Buy and sell material in the raw state (these traders perform no production and therefore are outside of the scope of LWG)
  • Buy and sell material, in any state, shipping direct from supplier to customer (i.e. a Paper Trader only).

Traders of raw material and Paper Traders can join LWG through the 'Agent Trader' membership subscription route. Please note, this route does not confer audited or certified status.